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CWM’s subrogation department handles a broad range of property damage claims and losses, for the insurance industry as well as self-insured businesses, municipalities and individuals. These claims can arise from casualties such as fires, leaks, machinery failures, explosions, corrosion, and structural collapses, as well as natural disasters including floods, windstorms and hurricanes. Our attorneys work aggressively to maximize recoveries for our clients.

We also have significant expertise handling maritime losses involving vessel and marina fires, inland and ocean marine cargo, and vessel collisions and allisions. Our subrogation attorneys are very experienced in handling these cases, which are often controlled by specialized laws and procedural rules.

It is essential to retain counsel as early as possible when losses arise, not only to aid and assist in the investigation, but also assure that critical evidence is identified and properly preserved. At Crenshaw, Ware & Martin, we have an extensive database of experts to assist in all phases of investigation and prosecution of subrogation claims including fire investigators, marine surveyors, engineers and appraisers. The subrogation attorneys at Crenshaw, Ware & Martin have a well-deserved reputation for obtaining successful recoveries for our clients in these matters.


  • Construction Defects/Failures
  • Fires and Explosions
  • Flood, Windstorms and Hurricanes
  • Inland and Ocean Marine Cargo
  • Machinery Failures
  • Product Liability
  • Vessel and Marina Fires
  • Vessel Collisions and Sinkings
Representative Clients

Independent Adjustment Companies

U.S. London Market Insurers

Managing General Agents

Self-Insured Businesses, Municipalities, and Individuals

Third Party Administrators

Representative Cases

Norfolk and Portsmouth Belt Line RR Co. v. M/V MARLIN, 2009 A.M.C. 2465 (E.D. Va. 2009)

The Standard Fire Insurance Company v. Smith, et al., 2008 A.M.C. 2313; 2008 4899362 WL (E.D.N.C.)

Columbus-America Discovery Group v. Atlantic Mut. Ins. Co., 56 F.3d 556 (4th Cir. 1995)

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