Railroad and Transit Law

CWM’s attorneys have a long history of successfully representing clients across a broad spectrum of railroad, trucking and other transportation matters.  Our clients include railroads, trucking companies, cargo owners and other transportation interests and their insurers.  We handle disputed matters in state and federal courts, the Virginia State Corporation Commission, and before the Surface Transportation Board.  Our attorneys have won directed verdicts in multi-million dollar FELA cases, full recoveries in cargo claims, and declaratory relief in coverage cases.

Because of our experience, our attorneys are able to quickly grasp our client’s needs and problems and develop strategies to resolve them.  In the railroad industry, our attorneys handle regulatory matters, boundary disputes, riparian rights, FELA claims, crossing accidents, property damage claims, eminent domain and land acquisition, ICCTA preemption, rate disputes, labor issues, and other matters.  In the broader transportation industry, our attorneys handle cargo claims (marine, air and motor truck), rate disputes, insurance coverage disputes, trucking accidents, pollution, vessel arrests, maritime attachments, contract disputes, subrogation, and other matters.

  • Asbestos and Silicosis Claims
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Eminent Domain
  • Employment
  • Environmental
  • FELA Defense
  • FRA Compliance
  • Grade Crossing Incidents
  • Personal Injury and Wrongful Death
  • Railway Labor Act
  • Real Estate Matters
  • Riparian Rights
  • Surface Transportation Board Matters
  • Trespassing Incidents
Representative Clients


Mass Transit

Sidetrack Operators

Utility Companies

Representative Cases

Norfolk and Portsmouth Belt Line Railroad Co. v. Wilson, 667 S.E.2d 735 (Va. 2008)

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