Week in Review: Autonomous Roundup

Posted on February 9, 2022
Posted in News, Updates

Meet the AI-Controlled Drone That Flies Faster Than Human Pilots

Scientists have created an algorithm to help drones find the fastest path for navigating an indoor racetrack; outstripping the times of two professional drone pilots.

Self-Driving Big-Rigs will Haul Freight in Arizona

Global autonomous driving tech company, TuSimple, has run seven semi-truck trips between Tucson and Phoenix, Arizona without a driver in the vehicle to prove that its artificial intelligence autonomous driving technology works repeatedly along a real freight haul route.

The U.S. Navy is Moving Forward with Autonomous Systems in Non-Lethal Roles

The U.S. Navy is surging into the future with a growing fleet of air, surface, and undersea drones to support its desire for technological superiority over potential adversaries.

The U.S. Army is Giving Robotic Combat Vehicles More Firepower

The Army is bolstering the lethality of its fleet of robots through the integration of new weapon systems and payloads that will allow the platforms to destroy targets, take down rogue drones, and jam enemy communications.

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