Week in Review: Autonomous Roundup

Posted on November 11, 2021
Posted in News, Updates

Autonomous Drones Can Now Zip Through The Woods At Insane Speeds

Thanks to artificial intelligence, drones can now fly autonomously at remarkably high speeds, while navigating unpredictable, complex obstacles using only their onboard sensing and computation.

Gatik’s Self-Driving Trucks Are Now Making Driverless Deliveries For Walmart

The autonomous vehicle startup has reached a new milestone in its partnership with Walmart by pulling its safety operators from behind the wheel of their self-driving box trucks.

Boeing Expands Flight Test Programme of New Unmanned Teaming Jet

Boeing has expanded its flight-test program of its Airpower Teaming System, a new unmanned ‘Loyal Wingman’ jet to work alongside manned fighter jets.  The aircraft will use artificial intelligence to team with existing crewed and uncrewed assets to complement mission capabilities.

Near Earth Autonomy Drone Can Deliver Lifesaving Medical Supplies to Army Medics

The Pittsburgh-based company in collaboration with Florida-based L3 Harris Technologies, has created the FVR-90 drone that is able to deliver blood and other medical supplies to soldiers hundreds of miles from a hospital in any terrain or conditions.

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