Week in Review: Autonomous Roundup

Posted on October 6, 2021
Posted in News, Updates

The Race Is On

The fastest driverless speeds yet achieved will occur during the Indy Autonomous Challenge on October 23, 2021.

Insurers Increase Investments in Drones, Robots

Insurance companies are increasing their investments in robotic systems, including four-legged robots, aimed at helping claims adjusters evaluate storm-damaged properties with greater safety and less cost.

5G Autonomous Military Solutions Showcased In Battlefield-Like Conditions

The future role of 5G in autonomous military solutions has just been demonstrated at the daži military base in Latvia. During the  demonstration, troops played out close-to-reality military scenarios in operational environments and relevant climatic conditions.

US Army Trains Forces Across Military on Tools To Fight Drones

Part of the U.S. Army’s lead role in standardizing anti-drone strategies across the armed forces is a joint training effort on a suite of tools and sensors to jam or take out small unmanned aerial systems.

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