Week in Review – Autonomous Roundup

Posted on April 16, 2020
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This Week’s Highlight

The ability to detect infectious and respiratory conditions quickly and efficiently is at the top of the pandemic wish list. Our favorite report this week gives us a sneak peek at a new development into a “Pandemic Drone” that will do just that – simply by flying over groups of people!

Savannah Police Use Drones to Enforce Social Distancing

The Savannah Police Department is using drones with pre-recorded messages to emphasize the message of social distancing.

When Can Drones Deliver Our Food and Groceries?

We need drone food and grocery delivery now more than ever. Check out the ways businesses are already putting this technology to use.

Bringing Unmanned Aircraft Systems and Other Aircraft to Operate Harmoniously in the National Airspace

Since 2011, NASA and its industry partners have been working on efforts to develop the technology and procedures to have unmanned aircraft systems and other aircraft coexist in shared airspace. The program progress is coming closer to reality.

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