Week in Review: Autonomous Roundup

Posted on June 4, 2021
Posted in News, Updates

Slicing Up Pizza Robots

Picnic, a pizza robot-maker, and other restaurant robotics companies are developing robots that incorporate artificial intelligence into the food-making process.  Such robots enable restaurants to make food with minimal human contact.  

Bird-like Robots Could Assist in Medical Emergencies and Hunt Down Drones

Efforts are under way to bolster flight efficiency and the intelligence of uncrewed aerial vehicles to better navigate built environments. A variety of research groups are drawing their inspiration from nature, often birds.  These type of robots could in the next decade be used to respond to emergencies or hunt down drones posing a threat.

Huntington Ingalls Industries Gets Navy Order for New Unmanned Underwater Vehicles

The U.S. Navy has ordered two of Huntington Ingalls Industries’ new unmanned underwater vehicles.  Common applications for these vehicles, known as REMUS 300, include mine countermeasures, marine resource work, and search and recovery efforts.

The U.S. is Alarmingly Close To An Autonomous Weapons Arms Race

Weapons systems that think for themselves remain in their infancy, but geopolitical pressures and mistrust may force them into use prematurely.

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