Week in Review: Autonomous Roundup

Posted on April 28, 2021
Posted in News, Updates

Fitness Drones Are Coming, If Inventors Can Get All The Kinks Out of Them

The Traverse fitness drone, which is still in its conceptual phase, is intended to serve as a personal trainer for recreational runners and other exercisers who are visually impaired or blind.

Autonomous Cargo Aircraft – The Roll-Out Has Already Begun

Cargo drones capable of transporting heavy payloads are entering flight test and some experts expect them to start operational service before air taxis carry passengers in urban areas.

South Florida Restaurant Employs Robot Servers to Counter Staff Shortages

The owner of Mr. Q Crab house in Hollywood, Florida, is using dining-room robots for touchless, socially distanced seating and ordering.

US Navy Takes Delivery of Larger, More Sophisticated Autonomous Vessel

The vessel, Seahawk, built by Virginia-based Leidos will join the Navy’s Surface Development Squadron.  The Seahawk features a composite trimaran hull and is substantially larger than other U.S. Navy USVs.

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