Week in Review: Autonomous Roundup

Posted on March 25, 2021
Posted in News, Updates

Meet The Oregon Robot That Could Change Package Delivery As We Know It

Agility Robotics makes bipedal robots, with arms and legs, that will be used in junction with autonomous vehicles to deliver packages.

U.S. Army Pushes Ahead With Battlefield Resupply Drones

Commander of XVIII Airborne Corps has endorsed moving ahead with wider‑scale testing of drones for battlefield rapid resupply of ammunition and other supplies, such as water.

New LEMUR Drone Developed for SWAT Teams

The ruggedized, durable drone is equipped with an easy-to-use payload bay that allows it to break glass, scale stairs, conduction two-way communication and even flip itself over if it crashes!

Why You Should Trust Drone Ships and Unmanned Tech, According to the Navy

U.S. Navy and Marine Corps leaders have produced a new campaign plan to better explain to the public why unmanned ships and aircraft are not to be feared, especially when being used for naval operations.

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