Week in Review: Autonomous Roundup

Posted on October 19, 2020
Posted in News, Updates

China Conducts Test of Massive Suicide Drone Swarm from Truck-mounted Launcher

China shows off its ability to rapidly launch 48 weaponized drones from the back of a truck, as well as from helicopters.

PhysicsAI to Develop Algorithms for High-performance Unmanned Combat Aircraft

This project seeks to increase warfighter trust in combat autonomy by automating aerial within-visual-range maneuvering using realistic aircraft.

As U.S. Navy Plans for Unmanned Ships, Its Biggest Shipbuilder Adapts

While the U.S. Navy gears up for a future with more unmanned vessels and fewer large surface combatants, its supply base is preparing to meet the changing demand.

Air Force Weapons Are Getting Smarter – Will That Put Some Service Members Out of Work?

With the vision to expand the U.S. Air Force’s operational reach through advanced autonomous systems and artificial intelligence, the impact will affect many other human operated fields.

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