Week in Review: Autonomous Roundup

Posted on October 12, 2020
Posted in COVID-19, News, Updates

The Mayflower Autonomous Ship: Pushing The Boundaries Of Self-Driving Robot Ships On Our Oceans

The concept of crewless ships is one of the great promises of automation.  It has become a reality, thanks to the launch of the Mayflower Autonomous Ship.

The FAA Is Opening the Door A Crack For Self-Flying Drones Like Skydio To Reach Their Potential

The FAA granted NCDOT a four-year waiver to fly drones beyond visual line of sight. Skydio’s drones are being used by the transportation department to inspect bridges.

Drones to Sanitize Atlanta Falcons’ Stadium as NFL Fans Return

The Atlanta Falcons are employing an army of drones to sanitize Mercedes-Benz Stadium in anticipation of NFL fans returning to the games.

Are Industrial Robots Safe Alongside Humans?

An investigation found Amazon warehouses utilizing robotics have a 50% higher incidence of serious workplace injuries. Whether it is the fault of the robots or humans is not clear. “The industrial co-existence of robots and workers is in its infancy.”

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