Week in Review: Autonomous Roundup

Posted on September 18, 2020
Posted in News, Updates

Robot Dogs Join US Air Force Exercise Giving Glimpse at Battlefield of the Future

The electronic canines are just one link in what the US military calls the Advanced Battle Management System (ABMS). The e-dogs are used to scour for threats before humans are exposed to them using artificial intelligence and rapid data analytics

Police drones are taking to the skies

The police air force in the UK is experimenting with drones to help on-the-ground officers. Use cases include searching for criminals and missing people, scouting hard to reach areas, or live feeds of major incidents. Police use of drones is a concern for privacy activists who worry that the technology could be used against citizens for surveillance.

Navy seeking $580 million for large unmanned ships to diversify fleet, report says

The Navy could swap out some traditional ships with crewless vessels as the service fast-tracks its goal of adding large unmanned vessels to the flee.

Israeli startup’s counter-drone augmented reality system to deploy with US forces

A new joint Israeli-U.S. program aims to develop augmented reality controls for unmanned systems to engage in small drone-on-drone warfare.

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