Week in Review: Autonomous Roundup

Posted on August 7, 2020
Posted in COVID-19, News, Updates

StoreDot’s New UFC Platform Charges Drones in 5 Minutes

Typically, it takes 60 to 90 minutes to recharge a drone battery for another 30 minutes of flight time.  This Israeli company has developed FlashBattery, an ultra-fast charging technology that drastically reduces charging times.

New Sensor allows Navy Blackjack drones to monitor an entire city at once

A new sensor gives the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps the ability to view up to 5 square miles at once using an RQ-21A Blackjack drone

Machine learning helps discover a new galaxy using oxygen level analysis

Using the Subaru Telescope and the power of machine learning, scientists have discovered a new-born galaxy. New galaxies exhibit extremely low oxygen levels and this one is the lowest-ever found. Known as HSC J1631+4426, it is located 430 million light-years away from Earth in the constellation Hercules.

Autonomous Disinfecting Vehicle Demonstrated at Michigan Airport

Pratt Miller Mobility’s Large Area Autonomous Disinfecting (LAAD) vehicle is an autonomous robot that uses a multi-head electrostatic sprayer to dispense disinfecting materials. It is a compelling application of new technology to protect travelers from the coronavirus.

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