Week in Review: Autonomous Roundup

Posted on July 2, 2020
Posted in News, Updates

Self-Driving Forklifts Revolutionize Warehouses

Forklift operation involves complex three-dimensional decision making requiring vigilant attention to the operating environment, creating big challenge to full automation. California start up Third Wave Automation has developed software that turns ordinary forklifts into self-driving models.  The technology is being piloted with several of undisclosed customers.

Amazon Purchases Autonomous Vehicle Start Up

In a number of recent moves, Amazon has recently purchased Zoox (a self-driving passenger vehicle start up) which could save them $20B in annual delivery costs.

Flying Taxis of the Future

Futurist and thought leader Bernard Marr weighs in on what lies ahead for flying passenger taxis, including reviews on the state of progress by the likes of eHang, Lilium, Volocoptor and Uber. Piloted eVTOL services in select cities are expected sometime this year, with the tantalizing possibility of pilot-less eVTOLs in the next couple of years.

Bitcoin Lighting Network as Primary Payment for Tesla Robotaxi

With the announcement of its new autonomous ride-sharing network, Tesla highlighted its plan to integrate futuristic payments technology to help Tesla owners make money by offering Uber-like rentals of their cars when not being used by the owner. The cutting-edge business model will use Bitcoin’s Lighting Network as the primary payment method for the service.

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