Week in Review: Autonomous Roundup

Posted on May 21, 2020
Posted in COVID-19, News, Updates

U.S. Construction Firm is Raising Buildings via Drone

One of the largest U.S. privately held construction companies is using drones and 360-cameras to share critical project data to teams dispersed across the nation.

Image Source: Verizon

First Live Drone Show Pays Tribute to Front Line Heroes

StrictlyFX, one of the nation’s largest special effect companies, put on a 10-minute show to thank Nashville community members in support of their hard work on the recent tornado and COVID-19 pandemic.

Image Source: News 4 Nashville Video

Dynetics Joins DARPA to Develop AI for Aerial Combat

A Leidos subsidiary, Dynetics, has been awarded a contract as part of DARPA’s Air Combat Evolution (ACE). The program seeks to automate some combat functions to free up human pilots for other tasks in a dogfight.

Image Source: C4ISRNET

Autonomous Lawnmower Uprooting Commercial Landscaping

Graze, a solar powered autonomous lawnmower, may boost profits for commercial landscaping companies. Founders include robotics and technology experts from John Deere, Miso Robotics, Microsoft and SpaceX. 

Image Source: GRAZE

FAA to Start Drone Remote ID Service in 2021

The remote ID service will require drone operators to transmit identifying information to safety and security authorities while in flight. It is an important step towards integrating unmanned aircraft into the national airspace.

Image Source: FAA’s December 2019 remote ID proposed rule

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