Week in Review: Autonomous Roundup

Posted on May 15, 2020
Posted in COVID-19, News, Updates

New Innovation Advisory Board to Boost NATO Maritime Unmanned Systems Initiative

This diverse board of experts seeks to explore how unmanned systems can be effectively integrated across the maritime domain above, below and on the water.

Image Source: NATO OTAN

How Drones Can Augment First Responders

A Tufts University dean of graduate engineering is updating her original drone prototype geared towards conserving African elephants into a tool that could serve as first response in fighting forest fires.

Image Source: Drone prototype developed by Karen Panetta from the IEEE/Tufts UniversityKaren Panetta

Robots are Helping Disinfect During COVID-19

Sports fans will be delighted to know that EagleHawk has created drones that can quickly disinfect large indoor and outdoor facilities – getting us a step closer to enjoying the games we love.

Image Source: EagleHawk

Hawai’i is Seventh State to Give Public Sector Agency Access to Drone Services Provided by DroneUp

Hampton Roads based DroneUp and the State of Hawai’i have recently signed a participating addendum offering the purchase of complete drone solutions to all state agencies, institutions, and local public bodies allowed by law. Alaska, Arizona, Connecticut, New Mexico, Utah and Virginia are also participants in this unprecedented multi-state contract providing public sector access to drone services.

Image Source: DroneUp | The Complete Drone Solutions Provider (PRNewsfoto/DroneUp)

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