Week in Review: Autonomous Roundup

Posted on May 6, 2020
Posted in COVID-19, News, Updates

This Week’s Highlight

Our favorite article of the week highlights how lessons from wildlife is influencing drone design!

Image source: BBC News/Getty Images

Company creates drones that can detect COVID-19 symptoms

Dragonfly is creating drones that can detect a number of coronavirus symptoms from 200 feet away!

Image Source: CNN Newsource video

Robots are taking over during COVID-19 (and there’s no going back)

With the global pandemic having created a tight labor market, automation solutions that were unthinkable years ago are now blossoming.

Image Source: ZDNet/Adobe Stock

Australian military gets first drone that can fly with artificial intelligence

Being the first aircraft to be totally developed and manufactured in Australia, the drone prototype was created to bring artificial intelligence to the battlefield.

Image Source: CNN Asia

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