Week in Review – Autonomous Roundup

Posted on April 9, 2020
Posted in COVID-19, News, Updates

This Week’s Highlight

Coronavirus has been our new reality and the topic of every conversation. Our favorite report this week shows us 5 ways Drones are being used to fight a Pandemic.

FAA Investigating Mystery Drone Urging New Yorkers to Socially Distance

The mystery drone was filmed urging New Yorkers to socially distance over the weekend. The investigation seeks to review if aviation regulations were violated.

Forget Self-Driving Cars: This 190-Foot Autonomous Superyacht Concept Can Self-Sail the High Seas

The vessel, known as Tempo, will integrate AI into different aspects of its design. This will improve the onboard experience, with some systems operating without human assistance.

Aerial Drones Are Innovative Until Your Privacy and Security is at Risk: Here’s the Dark Side of The Technology

Unmanned aerial drones are used for many things like capturing amazing videos and photos, or simply just used for fun. However, what if it comes to the point they are being used to spy on you without you even knowing it?

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